Like a Bunch of Vegetarians in a Farmers Market

Last year our book club read Still Alice, about a linguistics professor who is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease, so daughter and I Red Boxed (Don’t I wish I had thought about putting red metal boxes outside every single store and filling them with movies.) the movie starring Julianne Moore and Alec Baldwin. It was very good, but I am afraid every time I forget something now, I may be in the early stages. Raise your hand if you can’t remember, no pun intended, how many times you have walked into a room and just stood there because you have no idea why you are there, but you remember it was important.
Quickly name one person who starred in Fried Green Tomatoes, who wrote it, and what year it was made. (Answers at the bottom per usual.) This movie was an instant hit and is considered a “mild” classic. Every time I see green tomatoes I think of this movie. Yesterday Daughter and I were picking eggplant, surprise, from my sister’s garden and some green tomatoes caught our attention so we just happened to pick some of them along with okra, yellow squash, and red tomatoes. It was like a bunch of vegetarians in a farmers market; get it, instead of kids in a candy store. Well just in case you didn’t laugh, I did. So this morning while I may or may not should have been working, I dug through my “Tomato” file and found exactly what I was looking for; the most wonderful recipe for Baked Green Tomatoes. So make a batch and watch a good movie.

Healthy Baked Green Tomatoes with Lite Rémoulade
The recipe came from the Game & Garden blog and I adapted a Remoulade recipe I have had for years until I got it to what we like.What first caught me eye about this recipe was that it said these tomatoes were even crispy and good the next day, and surprisingly they are. They are great as a side dish, and also on hamburgers for a different tomato experience. 

4 large green firm tomatoes, sliced 1/8 to ¼ inch thick.
1 ½ cup all-purpose flour
1 tsp salt
½ tsp pepper
¾ Tab creole seasoning (I added this on my own and it makes a big difference.)
1 cup plain non-fat Greek yogurt
½ cup buttermilk (I made my own by using ½ cup unsweet almond milk with ½ tsp vinegar and let set for 10 minutes.)
1 ½ cup panko bread crumbs
Olive oil for drizzling

• Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place parchment paper on cookie sheet.
• In first pie pan mix flour, creole seasoning, salt, and pepper.
• In second pie pan, mix yogurt and buttermilk with whisk.
• In third pie pan pour bread crumbs.
• Place tomato slices in four mixture, then yogurt, then bread crumbs.
• Place on cookie sheet and drizzle lightly with olive oil. Bake for about 7 minutes, turn, drizzle lightly with olive oil, and bake for another 5 – 7 minutes. They should be tender, but not mushy.
• Serve with Rémoulade.

½ cup light mayo
1/8 cup creole mustard (I use spicy brown)
2 tsp dried parsley
1 Tab bread-and-butter pickles
1 tsp lemon juice
Hot sauce to your taste
Salt / Pepper

• Place all ingredients in blender or small food processor and process until blended and all pickles chopped.
• Needs to be refrigerated for at least one hour or make the day before.

83 days and 17.22 lbs till Disney Food & Wine.

Answers: Kathy Bates, Jessica Tandy, Cicely Tyson, Fannie Flagg, 1991


About rosestancil

I am your average 50+-year-old who woke up one morning wondering how and where the extra 30 pounds suddenly appeared came from. I am a Mom to two grown children, an Environmental Engineer (go Clemson Tigers), and a farm girl. I was raised on a green onion and collard farm in what was then rural Lexington County, SC. I still live on a part of the farm and hope to stay there. I have had a subscription newsletter, Green Onion & Collards for several years. I published recipes using seasonal local foods. I became a bit overwhelmed at the responses (I know, this should have been a good thing right?) and stopped it about a year ago. Some of the recipes I post will be from the newsletter. I will not count calories or eat lettuce. Girl gotta eat. I also will not give up good craft beer and wine, I will watch my portion size however. I intend to cook healthy, full of flavor foods, which will allow me to eat more, exercise at least 4 times a week (no gym or gym contracts), reduce and try to eliminate processed foods, and have snacks handy. I am a work in progress and will always be. If I am crazy enough to post my weekly weight, you need to be crazy enough to tag along on this journey.
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